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Born on March 11, 1959 in Buenos Aires

Graduated from the Manuel Belgrano School of Fine Arts. He trained with teachers Carlos Spagnolo, Rubén Locasso and José Novoa, being fundamental in this training the relationship he had with the artists during his work in the Gallery of the Jung Institute of Buenos Aires who exhibited there and in particular with Enrique Matticoli, Julio Alpuy and Martin Blaszko.

He participated for more than 10 years in the exhibitions Sculptures in the Larreta Gardens, convened by Nelly Perazzo, who was a fundamental pillar of his work. He has participated in various editions of the ArteBA Courtyard Sculpture Fair, Van Riel Gallery and Guido Art Project.


Between 2001 and 2005 he was part of the UDE group (Union of Sculptors). He has exhibited in numerous spaces, both individually and collectively, and has also participated in various national salons, receiving the 2nd prize for Sculpture at the Provincial Hall of La Pampa and the Great Prize for Sculpture at the Municipal Hall of the Sea, 1st prize for Painting College Ward, 2nd prize at Salón Manuel Belgrano 2022 and 2nd prize at Salón de Tandil 2022.


OTTO gallery artist



Collective WORKSHOP / STUDIO / LABORATORY curated by Eduardo Stupia El Obrador

Centro Creativo

2nd prize Tandil Hall (Iron relief)

Selected Paint AREATEC Hall.

Exhibition Arnaiz/Canzio Fud/Art Gallery

Collective Exhibition FUCA Calamuchita Córdoba Paintings


Special Mention Sculpture National Hall of Visual Arts

4 elements gallery exhibition OTTO Canzio Dardalla Monioti Torcella 2021/ OTTO gallery artist

Selected sculpture in the 64th National Hall Manuel Belgrano

2nd prize of sculpture in the 64th National Hall Manuel Belgrano

Selected painting in the 64th National Hall Manuel Belgrano


Sculptures in The Larreta Garden 

Selected in the Bancor Painting Award

Isolation art school competition award winner



Solo exhibition “Timeless Suspensions” – UADE Foundation 

New York Art Book Fair  (artist book)



Solo exhibition – OTTO’s Gallery 



Exhibition “Paintings and Sculptures” - CFI .

New York Art Fair 2017 (artist book)

Collective Exhibition at the Jewish Museum Buenos Aires



Collective - Borges Cultural Center - Efemerides Drawings and Sculptures.

New York Art Fair 2016 (artist book)

Paintings House of Culture Goya - Corrientes. Collective OTTO’s Gallery



Empatía’s Gallery. New York Art Fair 2015 (artist book)



New York Art Book Fair 2014 (artist book)

Coas columns, Drawings. Shared Pesce and Canzio - Palais de Glase 



Collective at Perroti’s Gallery.



Arte Ba Guido Art Project’s Gallery 

Sculpture in Space Newbery

Sculpture (collective) Junín Museum of Contemporary Art

Outdoor Sculpture at the Tiger Museum  



Inhabit Sculpture in La casona de los Oliveras 

Relief Ashes of Orchids in Imán de la Boca 

“5 sculptors 5” Guido art Project’s Gallery

Sculptures and Drawings - 865 Fundation

Canzio Fleurquin Jacob Varangot in the Museum of Contemporary Art  - Raul Lozza 

Exhibition “El Barrio Sculptures” in Pan y Teatro 



Barreda –Canzio –Varangot en Lordi Gallery 

Women in the Municipal Art Museum of Junín 

Sculptures in the Garden of “Larreta Museum”

Drawing Din A4 Santa Rosa – La Pampa

Drawing Recoleta Cultural Center for the book “The Locket”

Sculpture Art for Equity Cultural Borges Cultural Center. 



Sculpture Biennial of Architecture Recoleta Cultural Center. 

Setting-up ARSLATINA Cuba La Habana 

Solo drawings and sculptures Empatia’s Gallery  



Colective Exhibition Drawings Empatia’s Gallery  

Exhibition sculptures and drawings Bellas Artes’ Museum - Santa Rosa La Pampa 

Sculpture Manuel Belgrano Hall  

Sculpture – Sculpture Hall - Santa Rosa la Pampa 



Sculpture - Manuel Belgrano National Hall 



Murvi (the garden of delights) Sculptors (Perlotti Museum)   



Sculptures UDE group - National Fund of Arts 

Konex Field - Carlos Keen - Sculpture Canzio/Feldstein Meeting Point 

House of Culture - Vicente López, Sculpture Garden Fall Exhibition

National Hall – Disassemble and coexistence Museum of Contemporary Art Mendoza –

Arts Subsidy Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.



Second Prize Hall of Sculpture of La Pampa -  TransAbasto Garbage Aesthetics – Konex Foundation - UDE (Sculpture Union) in the Metropolitan Museum Espacio

Sculpture in the Larreta Garden, Arte BA space Colegium Musicum 



Sculptures Municipal Museum of La Plata / UDE group in The Paper Manufacturing,    

UDE group at The Borges Train Station of the Coast.  

Sculpture Yrurtia Museum Experimental Art Terrain / Sculpture in the Larreta Garden 



Location of the Carro Sculpture in Paysandú Uruguay – Invited by the Argentine Foreign Ministry

Solo Rozemblum Foundation / Sculpture in the Larreta Garden / “Camitas” Recoleta Cultural Center / Sculpture Hall of La Pampa / Sculpture Space Borges Cultural Center



Solo Sculptures in Recoleta Cultural Center / Arte BA Sculpture Space / Sculpture in the Larreta Garden

UDE (Sculpture Union) - FADU (Architecture Univercity, APDEBA, OTTO KRAUSSE college, Sculpture Garden in Monroe y Húsares / UTN 



Arte BA Sculpture Space / Barragan / Canzio sculptures - City Bank

UDE Dry Square in front of Recoleta Cultural Center / UDE in the Rosedal Gardens

UDE in the Quilmes Square 



City Bank (Solo)

UDE Small Square García del Río



Grand Prize IV National Sea Hall (Mar del Plata) / Sculptures in the Larreta Garden Sculptures ‑ (Roberto Martín Gallery)/ Sculpture in Parque Manantiales Villa Gainza Paz (Mar del Plata) /Arte BA (Roberto Martín Gallery/ Sculpture emplacement in the Garden of Ward College/



Sculptures in the Larreta Garden / National Hall/ Solo (Roberto Martín Gallery - Arte BA sculptures yard / Sculpture Park of the Nations City of Córdoba



Recoleta Cultural Center / Relief 11 National Sea Hall / National Sculpture Hall 

Sculptures in the Larreta Garden / Sculpture Park of the Nations City of Córdoba/  Sculpture Space Nave Theater Auditorium of Mar del Plata



Sculpture: Sívori Museum 



Sculpture: a: e, i u o: Recoleta Cultural Center

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