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Raúl Santana

Crítico de arte

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Admirable drawings: The sculptor's restless path to capture the faces of the model and be able to summon them on paper with the scant materiality of the lines, with those “regrets” that become shadows when they close or light when they open.

The starting point of these papers are simple forms that sometimes appear with the clarity of unknown fruits. But it is not a meek description of the model but rather a particular adventure where the line evokes much more than the shape that gave rise to it to multiply interior sounds that become visible.

Sometimes the form seems like a tense interrogation of the model or a daydream hovering over the form; sometimes a spark that grows until it becomes a fire that refuses the night.

It happens that Monica's hand advances through its own labyrinth to unite the sudden brilliance of the flashes, groping for the limits of the object. Conceiving these drawings that by dint of long jumps in the air are life that dances in front of your eyes.



July 2009

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