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The equilibrium of Miss Miyuki.

The equilibrium of Miss Miyuki is an allegorical installation (composed of sculptures, ceramics, drawings and 12 kimonos) based in Didier Decoin’s book, The Office of Ponds and Gardens, set in the 11th century of Japan. 

“The novel –tells Alex Pler– starts in a town near a river, where there is little time to contemplate the flowers because every day you have to plow, sow, harvest, fish… From there, the peasant Miyuki goes to the imperial capital to deliver the carp that will supply the Emperor’s ponds. Those fish are the last memory of her husband, a fisherman who just passed away, and taking them to Heian will be a daunting task. The journey, full of dangers, serves as an allegory of the process of loss and mourning.”


The way in which Miyuki faces this journey as a woman is what motivates me to represent her and to make it the main axis of this story in work.

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