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Adriana Laurenzzi



The drawings allow her, as she express herself, a poetic breath, a liberty in a way that three-dimensional shape limits. However, the Canzio drawings are sculptural, not only for its construction specialty of their shapes, but because of its materiality. 

Both in the drawings and the sculptural work, the material experimentation  are part of the center of interest of Mónica Canzio. Inventing, working with her hands, exploring the expressive possibilities, is an essential part of her poetic praxis. Characterized by a strong gestural expression of oil lines, tempera, charcoal or inks, it transmits the almost corporal thickness of the line.

Both in the drawings and the sculptural work, Canzio develops a predominantly organic and simple image, evidence of the minimalist heritage. Its sketchy image refers to an architectural idea. The generally simple structures do not correspond to strict geometry. Therefore, despite its formal simplicity, the originality of these sequences or structures make us reflect and leads us to broaden the experience of classical geometry. They are humanized geometries, where geometry and organic forms merge, the feminine fused to the strong line of the masculine.

Venus, the title, is a quote from the prehistoric Venus steatopygias of Paleolithic Age.


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